RT overview

Highly secure asset storage and protection model available,Can be
Open source ecosystems that support "cross-chain" transactions with full autonomy

Ensure that the initial and target assets are deployed on two separate blockchains,Provides users with access to cryptocurrency-based financial services,Allows users to exchange or in their proprietary wallet“交换”各种数字资产。

RT three main functional modules

The three-story main structure
Ensure the integrity and symmetry of liquid market information,Ensure that users are always in a safe and efficient trading environment

network layer

The basis of cross-chain transaction is public chain and ecological chain system

Settlement layer

Private key signature authorizes transaction settlement through smart contract
Cross-chain protocols and cross-chain pools help users complete cross-chain asset exchange and settlement

The application layer

The foundation to ensure that developers can provide complete services
Through integration into different applications to provide users with user-friendly services

Non-homogeneous tokens

Project token RT(NFT)



The initial circulation

300 million

The token distribution


RT chain


RT's mission and vision

RT is committed to promoting decentralized governance, and its innovations have led to practical applications in the industry and the development of open finance. In the future, one-stop aggregation and exchange will provide a platform for participants, an open, distributed, unlimited and secure trading environment for developers, and necessary conditions for the development and trading of digital asset financial products and derivatives in the blockchain industry in the future.


DApp Mobile terminal

By virtue of the characteristics of authorization, liquidity aggregation, cross-chain trading, community-driven settlement, etc.

Users will be rewarded after RT transaction. According to the number of RT purchased each time, the transaction mining reward will be allocated in accordance with the initial default proportion. The time of reward settlement and distribution depends on the block time period, which can ensure the balance of mining number and output ratio of the whole network, and realize the openness and transparency of the remaining total amount.

  • Asset store
  • Asset management
  • Security and protection
  • Trading across the chain
  • Real-time dynamic

The advantage of RT

Users can buy or sell tokens directly on the network through smart contracts, even if there are few or no other buyers or sellers in the market

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